Board of Directors


  • James N. Hallene


  • Dick Burridge Sr.
  • Jim Carras
  • Julie Curran
  • Martin Dukler
  • Richard Eck
  • Erin Flanagan, M.D.
  • Steven P. Grimes
  • Thomas D. Grusecki
  • Blair R. Haarlow
  • Sakeba N. Issa, M.D.
  • Cheri Jones
  • David Jones
  • Cindy Klima
  • Suzanne Bergen McCulloch, M.D.
  • John J. Paro
  • Joseph Pope
  • Tina Porterfield
  • Michael Ratcliff
  • Robert E. Tonn
  • Brad Warble

Executive Director

  • Jeannie Cella, MS, LCPC

Lifetime Trustees

  • Henry G. Bates
  • Robert H. Baum
  • Susan and Ken Beard
  • Katherine and Michael Birck
  • Mary Grace and Kevin Burke
  • Nan and Dick Burridge, Sr.
  • Lynne and A. William Haarlow III
  • Allen Koranda
  • Kay and Fred Krehbiel
  • Marcia and Thomas McCormick
  • Edward T. McGowan
  • Lorraine Wolfe

Honorary Board

  • Tornie and Stu MacKay
  • Terri and Dick Barrett
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Wellness House Program Sponsors:

Bear Necessities
Chicago Board of Trade
The Coleman Foundation
The Donald P. and Byrd M. Kelly Foundation
The Greer Foundation
The Grover Hermann Foundation
Illinois Children's Healthcare Foundation
Michael Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation
The Perlman Family Foundation