Exercise Classes


Exercise classes at Wellness House are designed to meet the unique needs of individuals living with cancer and loved ones who support them. Whether it is at the time of a new diagnosis, during treatment or after treatment, research has shown that exercise can:

  • Maintain, improve, and/or restore cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility and balance
  • Improve mood, confidence and sense of well-being
  • Reduce treatment-related fatigue
  • Increase physical vitality during chemotherapy and radiation
  • Prevent recurrence and enhance survivorship
  • Enhance lean body mass and healthy weight
  • Improve overall quality of life

The Exercise Program at Wellness House offers a variety of instructor-led classes and open gym times.  The instructors offer a variety of safe exercises that accommodate individual differences and needs among the participants.

To learn more about the Exercise Classes at Wellness House, please contact Tracy Lester at 630-654-5193 or tlester@wellnesshouse.org.


Exercise Classes currently offered at Wellness House include:

A Physician Medical Release and Participant Health History are required for participation in the following classes: 

Exercise for Getting Well

Gentle exercises for people experiencing difficulties due to cancer treatment.

Exercise for Staying Well

Self-paced aerobic exercise followed by instructor-led exercises for increasing strength, flexibility, and balance.

Exercise for Living Well

Aerobic warm-up followed by instructor-led exercises for increasing endurance, strength, flexibility and balance.  For post treatment survivors interested in continually advancing overall fitness levels.


Beginner Mat Pilates Interval & Circuit; Advanced Class for post-treatment survivors including interval/circuit style aerobic and total body resistance exercises.

Balance Ball 

30 minutes of Balance Ball Workout, Friday class includes 30 minutes of self-paced cardio warm-up.


15 minute cardio warm-up followed by exercises that use core muscles to increase strength, endurance and balance.

Balance & Flexibility

Exercises focusing on balance, flexibility and range of motion.


Gentle, total body stretching

Pink Ribbon Fitness

Customized exercises for breast cancer survivors.

Open Gym

Staff supervised time for participants to use the exercise facilities for independent exercise.

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