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Kids-This site is for you!

If mom, dad, or someone close to you has cancer, this site is for you.

Did you know........It's okay to have feelings.

When someone you love gets sick, life can feel strange. When that sickness is cancer, it can mean that life will be different for a little while, or sometimes a longer time.


You may feel:

  • Afraid and scared - It’s normal to feel scared when your parent has cancer.  
  • Angry - Someone you love has got cancer, and it's not fair.
  • Guilty – You may feel bad about having fun when your parent is sick, or that you caused their cancer.  But remember that having fun doesn’t mean that you care any less for your parent. It is also important to know that nothing you said or did could have caused the cancer.
  • Lonely - Maybe your family is not getting out much any more.
  • Neglected - You may feel left out, or that you’re not getting any attention any more.

Feeling mixed up inside is normal right now.  Just remember these tips:

  • Talk to trusted adults and friends about how you are feeling.  This can help you feel better.
  • You are not alone. There are other kids who are in the same situation as you.
  • Joining a support group is a great way to meet other kids that are going through the same  thing.
  • Talking to a counselor can help too.

Feelings don't just go away, even if you try to ignore them. Talking about your feelings can help you to cope, make you feel better and give you the strength to be kind, loving and supportive to the person who is sick.


Sometimes the toughest thing about feelings is sharing them with others. Sharing your feelings helps you when your feelings are good and when they aren't so good. Sharing also helps you to get closer to people you care about and who care about you.

Focusing on Your Feelings

Making a list of your feelings can help. You can do this in your head or by writing it out on a piece of paper or even by drawing pictures. Is something bothering you? Does it make you sad or angry? Do you feel this emotion only once in a while or do you feel it a lot of the time?

When you're trying to figure out your feelings, it might help to remember something that happened and think about how it made you feel. Then you can say, "I feel sad when my friend doesn't play with me" or "I feel angry when my brother always wins at baseball." This can help you figure out your own feelings. It also gives the person you're talking with more information about what's bothering you.

Why Talk About Your Feelings?

The way a person feels inside is important. It can be really hard not to tell anyone that you're feeling sad, worried, or upset. Then, it's just you and these bad feelings.

But if you talk with someone who cares for you, like your mom or dad, you will almost always start to feel better. Now you're not all alone with your problems or worries. It doesn't mean your problems and worries disappear magically, but at least someone else knows what's bothering you and can help you find solutions.

Your mom and dad want to know if you have problems because they love you and they want to know what's happening in your life. But what if a kid doesn't want to talk with mom or dad? Then find another trusted adult, like a relative or a counselor at school. Maybe this person can help you talk with your mom and dad about your problem or concern.

Support groups, where kids get together and share their feelings, are also a great way to meet kids going through the same thing. Support groups at Wellness House meet during the week and are led by our Oncology Child Life Specialist.

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