Family Matters


Individual Support for Children and Teens

Children of all ages can benefit from individual therapeutic experiences.  Our developmentally tailored support, education, and expressive play sessions provide a space for children 2-18 to express their emotions, process their experiences with cancer and clarify any misconceptions.  For more information, please call Chelsea Yoo, MS, CCLS at 630-654-5107 or

Kids Group

A group designed to support kids 6-12 in developing coping skills, clarifying misconceptions surrounding cancer, and promoting feelings of normalcy as they meet other children impacted by cancer.  A simultaneous parents group is offered to focus on common parenting issues that arise during a family’s cancer experience.  Please call Chelsea Yoo at 630-654-5107 or  to learn more and to register.

Kids Parent Group

It is important that parents are given the opportunity to express their own feelings and anxieties in relation to the cancer and to parenting during this time. The Kids Parent Group is offered simultaneously with the Kids Group, and addresses parent, children, and family issues that are associated with having a family member with cancer. By attending the Kids Parent Group, parents are not only able to confer with other parents in similar situations, but they are also able to learn how children interpret the cancer experience, and this will help them be better able to manage their children’s needs during this time.  Please call Dana Donahue, MSW, LCSW at 630-654-5114 or to learn more and to register.



Weekly bereavement support group for children, ages 6-12 and for preschoolers ages 3-5.  Through expressive arts and discussion, kids have an opportunity to connect with others in a similar situation.  A simultaneous parent support group is offered. Please call Chelsea Yoo at 630-654-5107 or  to learn more and to register.

Teen Time

A support group for teens ages 13-18 who have a family member with cancer or have lost a family member to cancer. The group provides teens with the opportunity to connect with other teens who are going through similar situations, to discuss the impact cancer has on their family, explore the impact of loss, and to learn about healthy coping strategies to manage stress and changes they are experiencing.  Please call Chelsea Yoo 630-654-5107 or  to learn more and to register.


Teens ages 11-18 that are going through or just out of treatment are invited to join us for socializing, support, fun, and food!  This program provides an opportunity for teens to connect with one another and discuss the impact cancer has on their lives.  Please call Chelsea Yoo at 630-654-5107 or for details on additional SPECIAL social events for ConnecTeen members throughout the year!!! 

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Family Wellness

Because everyone in a family is impacted by a cancer diagnosis, it is important that families are able to come together and participate in fun and healthy activities. Family Wellness activities happen regularly and are designed to engage the entire family in wellness programs such as yoga, healthy cooking, and relaxation. 

Social Events and Kids Kamp

Wellness House offers Social Events for children and teens throughout the year that give them a chance to have fun in the midst of a difficult family experience. 

Individual Consultations and Support for Parents

Consultations and short-term counseling are available to assist parents in talking to their children about cancer, addressing parenting concerns, and processing the impact of cancer on their personal lives.  Please call Dana Donahue, MSW, LCSW at 630-654-5114 or to learn more and to schedule a parent consultation.

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