Bereavement Programs for Families with Children


When a death occurs in a family, children are in need of additional support, nurture, and guidance. Turtles is a bereavement support group for children who have lost a close family member to cancer. Through expressive arts and discussion children are able to learn objectively and concretely about cancer and death, experience the grief process appropriately, and receive answers to their questions in a supportive and caring group setting. This group aims to normalize the experience of illness and the death of a family member and to validate their feelings. Please call Chelsea Yoo at 630-654-5107 or for more information and for group days and times.

Turtles Parent Group

When a death occurs, children and adults grieve differently, and it is important that parents are able to understand how and why children grieve. The Turtles Parent Group is offered simultaneously with the Turtles Group, and helps parents learn what the grieving process is like for children and how they can best approach and connect with children about loss. Please call Chelsea Yoo at 630-654-5107 or for more information and for group days and times.

Teen Time

It is important that teens have their own space to grieve. Taking Time For Teens is a bereavement group for teens. This group provides teens an opportunity to connect with others and explore the impact of the loss. Please call  Chelsea Yoo 630-654-5107 or for more information and for group days and times.

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